Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Neostrata Oil Free Moisture Infusion Lotion Review

The Neostrata Oil Free Moisture Infusion Lotion is a light lotion that is perfect for dehydrated, acne prone and oily skin. It is great for all ages and it is non-comedogenic so it will not block your pores. The trouble I have been having is finding a moisturizer that is oil free but will deliver the hydration that I need in the winter. Most oil free, water based moisturizer formulas are gel, and while they feel nice when you put them on, the hydration doesn't last all day and my skin is still dry. After trying the Neostrata Oil Free Moisture Infusion Lotion I noticed my skin was noticeably more supple, soft and hydrated. This moisturizer leaves a semi-matte finish and it is a perfect base to start applying your makeup over top. It may even be used as a primer, for someone who does not want to use many products. If your skin is dehydrated and on the oily or combination side I would definitely recommend this product for you!

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