Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Must Haves

Back to school is almost here! Here is my list of back to school must haves for fall 2010!

A leather jacket is great to pair with skinny jeans and a plain tee, a dress, or just some leggings and a hoodie!
I prefer pleather over leather because it is way more inexpensive and it doesn't hurt any animals!
Try this one, from Forever21 at $35.00:
For bottoms the new "jeggings" are super popular, comfy and affordable. A legging that looks like denim! What a good idea! Check out the different colours and styles at Forever21!
These Jeggings go for $15.00:

What better way to pair your look, than with a cute pair of shoes. Toms are a cute cloth shoe and are comfy AND are sold for a good cause. For every pair of TOMS that you purchase a pair will go to a less fortunate child living in poverty. This child may actually be able to walk to school now with a pair of shoes. He/she can get an education and have another chance at life.
These TOMS go for $54.00:
Every girl has got to have a purse right!? Of course! Here's one of my favourites from Aldo. It is a medium sized bag with many different inside compartments to fit everything from books to your electronics!
Natural colours are totally in this fall, so try an army green or a nude shade like this one.
This one retails for $30.00:
What's inside my back to school purse? Everything a girls gotta have to keep up to date, beautiful and stylish! Lets start off by having an agenda to keep you organized and on time with assignments and classes.
Who really uses those ugly school coloured plastic agendas anyways!?
Here's a cute little agenda from
This agenda starts from August 2010 until December of 2012! wow!
And not to mention it is so cute and colourful!
This one is priced at $25.00
Every girl has to have a emergency makeup bag to touch up her makeup throughout the day. Here's a cute little makeup bag from Forever21. It is a plastic zip up and can easily be washed and how about the super cute print! This would go great with the neutral handbag posted earlier!
  Priced at $2.50
What a steal!!!
Now in this makeup bag you want to have all of your essentials! including lip balm, gloss, powder, eyeliner  blotting papers, and of course some mouth refreshers!
Let's start off with the lips. It is very important to keep your lips hydrated especially as the season turns to fall and the weather becomes cold and dry. Get rid of those flaky lips with Burts bees lip balm. Made from beeswax this lip balm gives your lips that hydration it needs, and the wonderful tingle of mint extract is a bonus! Also available in honey, and pomegranate!
Priced at $4.50
To top that balm off try using a lip gloss for that added touch of glam, try these lip glosses from Maybelline. They come in an array of 18 different colours and flavours!
These lip glosses are a cheaper alternative to my favourite Juicy Tubes from Lancome.
They are long lasting and taste great!
Priced at around $5.00

The next must have in a girls makeup bag is eyeliner! Didn't have enough time to do your makeup this morning? Add a bit of eyeliner to create a smokey look on your top lash line, add some mascara and you're good to go. Try this waterproof eyeliner from Benefit.
I have used this eyeliner and it is amazing! Put it on and you're given enough time to smudge the gel like consistency, wait a minute and it is completely waterproof and smudge resistant! No more looking like a raccoon by the end of the day! Once you try it you will be hooked!
This one goes for $26.00

Getting oily throughout the day? Try these blotting papers from Boscia available at Sephora.
These 100% natural linen blotting papers are free of Parabens, sulfates, synthetic Fragrances, synthetic Dyes, petro-chemicals, phthalates and are infused with the ever so great green tea! Great for all skin typed to remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup.
Retailing at $10.00

Now that you have gotten rid of all the oils on your skin, apply powder. Try Mac Studio Fix Powder.
This is a powder foundation that can be worn over liquid foundation, or by itself for a flawless look, without looking cakey.
Try this one for $31.00

Had a little too much garlic for lunch!? Try these great little mini tooth brushes by Colgate with a dollop of toothpaste on them that requires no water, and no spitting! Just brush your teeth with them and throw away!
They even have pick on the end for anything caught in between your teeth!
These little cuties go for $8.00 for a pack of 16:

So that's all for now I hope everyone has a great time back to school shopping!

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