Friday, May 6, 2011

April Favourites!

This month I feel as though I have a lot of new products that I've been absolutely loving! I'm definitely into bright colours this spring! Who isn't?

OH CABANNA BOY- ORLY. This has been my favourite nail polish for the last couple of weeks for my toes and fingernails! It's a neon pink with a hint of blue in it which gives the polish a lot more dimension. It's long wearing and you only need about 2 coats! I'm thoroughly impressed with the colour and the wear of this product!

GIRL ABOUT TOWN- MAC. This has been my most worn lip colour this month (when I'm even wearing a lip colour at all)! The pigmentation of this lipstick is absolutely phenomenal. I love how it slightly stains your lips so you don't have to worry about reapplying it all the time. I can go a day without having to touch up at all! Love this colour!

TRESEMME- HEAT TAMER PROTECTIVE SPRAY. Recently I've been avid about protecting my hair to the heat, products I used before were heavy and weighed my hair down, so i decided to try something new. I absolutely fell in love! The smell is delicious and fruity, it's incredibly lightweight and doesn't make your hair sticky, heavy, stiff or anything! Just shiny and beautiful. Definitely a must have to those who style their hair with heat!

YES TO CARROTS- MOISTURIZING EYE CREAM. I've never really been into eye cream, but lately I've been suffering from dry eyelids! So i decided to pick this one up because it's super inexpensive and appealed to me. It's paraben free, 98% natural and they don't test on animals! yay! This product is made with dead sea minerals, organic carrots, pomegranates, and Shea butter to deliver moisture, minerals and many vitamins to the skin! This product is awesome, and not to mention the size of this container is huge! Most eye creams are about a quarter of this size! But make sure to use sparingly!

SMASHBOX- SOFT LIGHTS. This multi-use powdered product is amazing for highlighting, dusting over the face to give that youthful glow, used as eyeshadow to highlight your eyes, or all over your body for that shimmery look. I use this product everyday over my cheekbones from a "glow-from-within" look!

CHANCE- CHANEL. This is my ultimate favourite fragrance! I'm scared to use it up! It's a refreshing floral scent. Waves of freshness merge with sensual, sweet and spicy elements. The top notes are Hyacinth, White Musk and Pink Pepper. Middle notes are Fresh Vetiver and Iris and the base notes are Amber and Patchouli. Chance perfume is a romantic fragrance. I've received many compliments with this fragrance, it's fun, flirty yet very romantic and beautiful.

Hope you all liked my April favourites! Talk to you next time!

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