Friday, December 3, 2010

Favourite Body Products

Here are some of my favourite body products that I cannot live without! Hope you enjoy!
Shower products:
Exfoliators are so important to remove any dead skin cells all over your body, especially where they tend to collect...knees and elbows. My Favourite exfoliator is from BATH AND BODY WORKS and it's called 'I'm in the mood for scrub' it foams up and gives a nice fresh clean feeling to your skin. Although I find it to smell a bit masculine the scent doesn't stay on your body after the shower, especially if you use another soap or cream product. I love how it foams up and lathers!

Soaps... My favourite bar soaps are from LUSH! I just can't get enough of them. I'm really loving the 'Snow Globe' soap right now, it's citrus smell is amazing but yet not over powering. If you've ever used the avo bath bomb from lush this is exactly what it smells like. To me it smells like froot loops! You can purchase it at LUSH in whatever size you please! But this is a seasonal item, and once it's gone its gone for good!

My next favourite shower product you can find at BATH AND BODY WORKS. I've been using the 'lay it on thick' shower cream for months and I just can't seem to get enough of it. It's so silky and smooth and most of all it packs intense moisture! The smell is also to DIE for. This shower cream smells like a mix of shea butter and coconut. It's packed with Vitamin E and shea butter.
Now for BATH products! I love relaxing and having an aromatic bath after a long day at work, as do most people. Lush is my favourite place to indulge in bath bombs, bubble bars and different bath products to help soothe aching muscles, relieve stress, moisturize your body and most of all smell amazing! Most of these lush products are Vegan! They are 100% cruelty free and NOT tested on animals... way to go LUSH!

My favourite bath bomb of all time would have to be 'Butter ball' It's super moisturizing to the skin with little beads of coco butter throughout the bomb. That way if you're having a HOT bath the temperature wont dry your skin! It smells like vanilla and is a definite must have for all vanilla lovers!

 My next favourite bath bomb is a soothing and relaxing bath bomb before bed time. It's called 'Twilight' and it's scent of lavender and vanilla is sure to put you into a sleepy mood. It's colour of purple will dye your bathwater a lavender colour. This is my go-to bath bomb when I've had a long day and I'm ready to hit the sack!
Now if you want something fun in the bathtub try "dragons egg" it's sure a surprise when you put it in your bathwater and watch it fizz away, transforming into something beautiful and.... I wont give away the rest. It's a surprise that you'll find in the middle! So much fun! You gotta try this one out!

After bathing or showering it's important to moisturize the skin, here is my favourite moisturizer for the cold winter months. It's the St. Ives Skin Firming Body Creme, I'm not sure why I bought the skin firming one. But I'm absolutely in love. I've always hated the smell of unscented lotions, it's almost medicinal. But this one has such a faint smell and the texture is just to die for. It's like a body butter but non greasy at all. It glides on smoothly and absorbs quite fast. It's said to give you more firm looking skin in 2 weeks. It's also a vegan product containing no animal products, including no testing on animals.

Hope you guys liked this!
Thanks for reading!
Bri xo


  1. I just absolutely love all bath and body works products . I have the shower gel and the body lotion of the japanese cherry blossom range. It is time they venture into India too… bottom line best body lotion ever !!!!

  2. Atta girl! I love that you blog about LUSH!